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Mini Slideshow

Here’s a list of Zeke’s favorite web sites.

If you want to see what kind of sites Zeke finds interesting, check out these sites by clicking on the logo to the left of the description.

Click here to go to www.HoopsAndYoYo.com

Hoops & YoYo

Hoops and YoYo are a couple of crazy characters that do some freelance work for Hallmark.  They’ve got their own web site with lots of fun stuff.  Hallmark also has some e-cards that feature these guys.  Zeke thinks their so cool and would love to meet them some day.

Click here to go to www.PetsWelcome.com

Pets Welcome

This site is a lot like "Pets On The Go" — it’s another resource to find pet-friendly places.

Click here to go to oldmotherhubbard.com

Old Mother Hubbard

Zeke loves Old Mother Hubbard treats!  Well, Zeke loves a lot of food, but I think he likes these treats the best.

Click here to go to www.TheJackRussellStore.com

The Jack Russell Store

This site has lots of toys, clothes and other stuff just for dogs like me — Jack Russell Terriers.  Oh yeah, there’s stuff there for humans that love Jack Russell Terriers.

Click here to go to www.Petland.com


Zeke has a special place in his heart for Petland. The people at Petland are always very nice to us.  And, that’s where Zeke was living when Papa and Daddy adopted him.

Click here to go to www.AchieveGoodHealth.com


Achieve Good Health

Zeke takes JuicePlus+ because he knows that it is good for his health — not just because he loves his Daddy.

Daddy’s business, Achieve Good Health, is focused on whole food nutrition.  To that end, Daddy sells a lot of JuicePlus+ products including JuicePlus+ for Dogs, JuicePlus+ for Cats and several JuicePlus+ products for humans.

If you want more information about JuicePlus+ and how it can improve your health, like it has improved ours, just visit my Daddy’s website by clicking on the JuicePlus+ logo to the left.

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