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Mini Slideshow

Here’s a list of web sites that my readers have shared with me.

If you want to see what kind of sites my visitors find interesting, check out these sites by clicking on the logo to the left of the description.

Do you have a favorite website?  If so, why don’t you tell me about it?

Click here to go to www.OnTheRoadWithMax.com

On The Road With Max

I know you don’t need a link to this site, since you’re already here.  But so many of you have told me how much you love my site, it just had to be the first one on the list.

Click here to go to www.google.com


Here’s what one of my visitors says about Google: "My favorite site is Google because I can find anything I want there.  It makes me a bit lazy though, because I never have to get up from the computer."

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