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Mini Slideshow

Here’s a list of my daddy’s favorite web sites.

If you want to see what kind of sites my daddy finds interesting, check out these sites by clicking on the logo to the left of the description.

Click here to go to www.AchieveGoodHealth.com

Achieve Good Health

Daddy takes JuicePlus+ because he knows that it’s good for his health.

Daddy’s business, Achieve Good Health, is focused on whole food nutrition.  To that end, Daddy sells a lot of JuicePlus+ products including JuicePlus+ for Dogs, JuicePlus+ for Cats and several JuicePlus+ products for humans.

If you want more information about JuicePlus+ and how it can improve your health, like it has improved ours, just visit my Daddy’s website by clicking on the JuicePlus+ logo to the left.

Click here to go to www.Escapees.com

Escapees RV Club

The Escapees RV Club is a total support network for RVers.

Click here to go to www.Mapquest.com


The world’s leading provider of online, voice and wireless mapping, directions and destination information.

Click here to go to Wikipedia


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia. You can find answers to nearly anything on Wikipedia.

Click here to go to The Internet Movie Database


IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) is a great resource for looking up things about actors and/or movies.  We use it a lot!

You can also view some movie trailers on IMDB, just click here.

Click here to go to www.travelcanada.ca


Travel Canada

The official travel site of the Canadian Tourism Commission.

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