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Mini Slideshow

Thank you for your input and your suggestions on what we should name our Holiday Rambler Ambassador RV.

Here are the names that have been suggested so far…

“Maxwell House” — because every time I think of Max, he “perks” me up. — Rick, Duluth, Minnesota

“Ambassador Suite”
“Suite Life”
“ZMax Mobile” — I think my reasoning is pretty obvious. — Sharon, Goffstown, New Hampshire
“The Dog Pound” or “The Pampered Pooch”
I’m not that creative, but the name I thought of was “The Waggin’ Wagon” — Why? I guess because I look at those 2 handsome puppers and can just imagine them looking out the RV window with their tails waggin’… — Deb, Oregon
“Roving Venture” — Roving…Rover…dog theme. — Joanne, Hopkinton, New Hampshire
Thank you all so much for your wonderful and creative suggestions.  It was tough to pick one, but I think that “Ambassador Suite” is the best choice.However, I do like “The Waggin’ Wagon” a lot too!

We’ll just have to use “Ambassador Suite” as our official name and “The Waggin’ Wagon” as our nick name.

— Zeke–

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