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Back in the summer of 2003, Daddy and Papa told me that we were going on a road trip.  The first thing they told me is that we were going to get an “arvee”.  Well, I thought that they said “arvee” — I know now that they said “RV”.Since I didn’t know what an “arvee” was, I posted the question on my web site and asked my readers to send me an e-mail with the answer.To those of you that participated in my inquiry, I thank you very much!To my new web-friends, check out how creative (and silly) my friends can be!

Here’s what many of you thought an arvee was…

“An arvee is a big stick, that you can fetch.”
“Arvee – it’s French for ‘big juicy’ bone'”
“Please, I’ve seen your Daddy’s photos and numerous websites.  You were too busy with treats to pay attention. It’s a really big car, with many windows you can look out of…look, kids, Big Ben, parliament….”
“An arvee is something that your inlaws/parents park in your driveway for extended periods of time…”
“I asked [my cat] to be sure and we think that ‘arvee’ is RV, as in big recreational vehicle. Used for fun and exciting road transportation.”
“An Arvee is a house on wheels.  You still have to scratch at the door so someone will let you out to go potty, but the view is a lot better and when you hang your head out the window you get a great blast of fresh air.”
“Well, an arvee does not feel as good as a humvee. An ARRRvee is when you make a pirate sound while you’re… playing the flute so to speak… instead of humming.”

After reading your responses, I was really confused.  The juicy bone sounded good, and so did the big stick.  I wasn’t sure that I believed the house on wheels thing.

It turns out that the correct answer is R.V. (see the blue entry above).  Arvee was my mistake, I thought my Daddy was saying “arvee” when he was really saying “R.V.”.  Oh well.

At first I didn’t believe the “house on wheels” explanation, but I think that definition is pretty close too.  My Papa says that we’re gonna be living in the R.V. soon.  But, for the record, I never “scratch at the door”.  When I want to go outside, my Daddy taught me to go to the door, sit, and speak.  I always do what my Daddy tells me to do.  I don’t know what “potty” is, but when I go outside, I “hurry up”.

I still don’t know what these things are:  Big Ben, Parliament, driveway, pirate, or flute.  If you know what they are, please send me a message and let me know.

By the way, for those of you that sent me the wrong information, were you just being silly?  I hope so.

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